How to improve your self-esteem?

Mirror, mirror, mirror... Have you ever taken the time to seriously question your self-image? Do you truly love yourself? We all have moments in life when we lose confidence and get carried away by counterproductive behaviour that leads us away from well-being. How can we claim to be happy if we don't already love ourselves? Find out how to improve your self-esteem.

Restoring self-esteem

Restoring self-esteem is possible because it is a quality of our spirit that is already within us and that we can always improve. Self-esteem is not an ideal state of perfection, but a way of feeling good about ourselves. Restoring self-esteem leads to improved self-confidence, strengthens us and makes us feel good. If we look at ourselves carefully, we may be surprised at how often we feel gripped by the fear of making mistakes, of being ridiculous and inadequate. Every time we think we are not good enough, we move away from self-esteem. And even when we want to be approved by others before we act. Too often we insist on wanting to be a certain way to please others and are more willing to believe criticism than appreciation. Increasing self-esteem means getting rid of this conditioning and having more confidence in our abilities. In the same way, it means getting rid of confrontation, regret and guilt. To increase self-esteem, we need to get in touch with ourselves and gain confidence in our inner space. Only in this way can we feel good. "Feeling good" is different from "feeling good", because it involves the perception of one's own emotions and the deepest part of oneself. There is a secret space within us, where all discomfort, conditioning and judgement can disappear. In order to increase self-esteem and improve self-confidence, we need to become familiar with this inner space.

How can we increase our self-esteem?

There are three ways to increase self-esteem. 1. Stop questioning your choices We tend to doubt our choices... "Was I right to make that phone call?", "Was that dress the right one?", "Would it have been better not to go to that party?" In this way, we move away from self-esteem. 2. Stop being infinitely cautious before doing anything Some of us frequently ask for the consent of others. "I'd better ask my wife first", "Can I do that?", "What do you think if I go to that place? In this way you are dependent on others. Dependence takes away your self-esteem. 3. Stop constantly asking for confirmation of your behaviour Many people are always asking others for a judgement. "How did I behave?", "In your opinion, was I wrong to do so? Anyone who is conditioned by the judgment of others has no self-esteem. Find confirmation within yourself. Building self-esteem can be an interesting journey that greatly improves your life. It is possible that the experiences we have had or are having are shaking your confidence. This is because it is important to dig deep within yourself to discover your intrinsic value. Being aware of how to support yourself can help you take the first steps towards your renewed well-being.
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