Keeping your self-esteem high means believing in yourself and your worth. To maintain high self-esteem and live life well, you must necessarily set goals in life. It is a balanced mental state that allows you to make plans for life and set goals. Keeping a good self-esteem, having self-confidence also means striving to get out of the mechanisms of deprivation that have been internalised throughout life. It can therefore learn to improve our self-esteem and feel more confident. Discover 6 important steps to maintaining good self-esteem.

What is a goal?

A goal is a mental form of projection of thought into the future in which you place a goal-oriented image of yourself. If you sometimes fail to achieve your goals because you don't know how to do it and it leaves you feeling frustrated and unsuccessful, here are some steps that can help you. 1. Turn a difficult decision into a simple habit Make a commitment to yourself and decide clearly. 2. Formulate an action plan Make a list of reasons why you want to achieve this goal. Take it with you at all times and review it frequently throughout the day. 3. Take it one step at a time Do not make the goal too difficult or unreal. Break the goal down into steps and start with the simplest and most reasonable one. Make a list of things to do every day and don't put it off, and define the daily steps well. 4. Set priorities Think of a priority scale so that you don't lose motivation and abandon all your good intentions. Form a goal sheet, determine how long it will take to achieve your goal and set dates for the different steps, then draw up an action plan. 5. Reward yourself for each step you reach Once you have broken down your goal and set deadlines for each step, reward yourself when you achieve it. Many people mistakenly consider the achievement of individual steps as unimportant, always keeping in mind only the final goal. This attitude can be demotivating. In fact, you could not reach your final goal without the intermediate steps. So rejoice and reward yourself for each step you take. If you fail at some of the steps, don't give up, because it is normal for this to happen. If you want to learn something, repeat it, it is learned by repetition, in fact, everything you learn, is repeated many times. Repeating an action a certain number of times becomes automatic, therefore unconscious. 6. Don't brood Rapture is never effective, when it happens, accept that discouraging thoughts may sometimes occur, but don't let it get you down.