The relationship between falling in love and happiness is not so quick. Find out what men are looking for and how they fall in love. The heart, the soft knees and the butterfly on the belly, when it comes to love, these three things have immediately surfaced in the minds of women. But how do men fall in love? What are the characteristics of women's favourite sex? There are 5 very special criteria that make a man's heart increasingly popular.

1. Healthy female self-confidence

Sure, men have always been assigned the role of collector, but who says women shouldn't go hunting? However, most women who consult men find them extremely interesting and enjoy them very much. However, the first contact should not be too flat, which is also confirmed by an ongoing study on a survey of elite partners.

2. Cultivate common ground

Watching football, drinking beer or attending a concert? Everyone needs their own open space, that's for sure, but there is a risk of losing touch. Time spent together is very important, especially in the phase of getting to know each other. Whether it's travelling together, music, cinema or sport, try to find common ground and cultivate it, as shared passions foster a sense of togetherness. So surprise your date on the next one by offering to accompany you. This not only shows that you are spontaneous, but also that you are a good team player. But don't let each member of the team need a time-out, and therefore.

3. Weirdness, special effects and other highlights

Looking for a partner? Not a fashionable accessory. You cannot take a complete equal opposite, unless he or she is also for something and represents his or her opinion and attitude. On the other hand, do you have a strong taste in music, a particular preference for clothes or a play on words. Even if some of your characteristics are extremely remarkable, you should not hide them. Because only those who are genuine and sincere can be taken seriously and become irresistible. Moreover, clear points of view access to evaluate and adjust your date. Thus, the weak points become in the best case charming and adorable quirks which, for happiness, is the case with everyone.

4. Passion and life

Are you an enthusiastic autograph collector? Or do you grow particularly exclusive roses in your garden? This characteristic, being completely for a chosen one to inspire and for that to burn, as you stick to long-term activities. Such passion impresses. Moreover, it is not impossible that you can also be enthusiastic about the interests of your date and invest as much patience and love in the relationship with him as you do with your collectors or gardener passion.

5. Admiration, please

The small gestures that cover your date, how important they are to you and how proud you are to have them are of great importance. Facebook, Instagram are now part of everyday life and have become platforms where such expressions of love are posted. Even though it may be boring for the man, when visiting a restaurant for the Selfie to move together, he can still be a bit about it happy.