How do you know if the man you’re dating is an idiot?

You are finally in love and your new partner seems to be the man of your dreams? But it's worth taking a closer look. Sometimes a real idiot is hiding behind the teddy bear facade. All too often, the extent of this idiocy only becomes apparent after a while. By then, you've already fallen in love with the guy in your bed. You've given him your heart. Friends are involved and parents kiss him goodbye. At first, the relationship was a madness. But the tingling endorphins, the wonderful conversations and the great sex gradually give way to the question: "Why did I fall in love with this jerk? The longer a relationship lasts, the harder the end. And you don't have to let it go that far. If you heed the warning signs!

He doesn't have an opinion of his own

At first you don't notice the problem at all. You are absolutely on the same wavelength. Whether it's about favourite music, the best holiday destination or the best food truck in town, you're pretty much on the same page. But gradually it becomes clear: he also shares the opinion of your friends, your parents and the supermarket cashier. Like a little flag in the wind, he sometimes turns one way, then the other. Corners aren't his thing at all, he prefers to join the preferred way of thinking and pass it off as his own. That's how you know: He has an opinion on everything, but he can't justify his point of view. Since he's not really interested, but simply takes charge without a filter. Let's get out of here before you have to lend him your backbone.

He is an envious person

You're a little blinded by his status symbols. Sure, it's fun to eat at a trendy restaurant and then drive off into the blue with the big coach. But then you realise that behind it all there is no generosity and love for beautiful things, but pure envy. And this unpleasant feeling makes the so-called big spender live completely beyond his means. Of course, he wants to be better. To be cooler: drive a fancy car and order the biggest bottle of champagne. After all, everyone should see what they can (or can't) afford. He tells everyone what he has and what he had to pay for it, which should give you a hint. Nevertheless, his standard line is: "Look at the braggart" or "Basically, only losers drive Ferraris". At the latest when you win more than him, the relationship is over.

He is selfish

If he is selfish, he is definitely not right for you. Even though you already know this, he still has that irresistible alpha male thing that foolishly attracts you. You interpret his "staging", thanks to Cupid's arrow, as a sign of strength and virility. At some point, it becomes clear that in this relationship, only one person will get his money's worth. Him. That's how you know: At the beginning of the relationship, he gives you little leeway. But the longer you go on, the less you can decide. But what's the problem? In restaurants, he orders food and drinks for you without asking. Beware, this ego trip is rarely slowed down.

A pseudo-Romantic

Of course you are enchanted by a man's affection. Only, the over-the-top gestures at the beginning of a relationship don't let up. First of all, during your date, he quickly becomes the man of your dreams with great vows of love. However, he has lost his powder and mutates from mega romantic to mega normal. The only problem is that he can't stand this state. He needs the cinematic romance in his own life, then he just looks for a new Pretty Woman. Then he confesses his love to you after the third date? This is not romantic, it is completely wrong. This man will be able to handle the day-to-day relationship with you.

He's grumpy

It doesn't matter what great things you've done. This man always finds something, no matter how trivial, that you can do better. At first you appreciate his honesty and constructive criticism. No wonder that, freshly in love, even the permanent stalker wraps up his suggestions to improve the sugar love vows. If the endorphin cocktail of the first few weeks stops working, the stalking starts and censorship is the order of the day. That day at the lake was a dream. He thought there wasn't enough ice to go around. You are enjoying your favourite band's concert from the front row. He complains that they start 30 minutes late. Break up and stay friends. Otherwise you will have to put up with his constant whining for the next few years.
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