When a relationship ends, there is usually only an interruption of life. People prefer to hide and wait for the pain to finally subside. But heartache can be actively fought. The man is gone and you feel as if you have been chewed up and spat out. The heartache hits you with its ugly fist again and again where it really hurts, deep in your stomach. As hard as it is, you have to do it now. Because without a bleeding heart, you'll never recover. The good news is that you are not alone. And there are ways to shorten the grieving period. Here's what can really help ease the grief.

1. Yelling without restraint

First of all, you can really cry. Because the heartache has to get out of your system and that works best with thick tears running down your cheek and cleavage. The one who forbids himself to cry and pulls himself together out of false pride prolongs the sick feeling in the stomach at some point, it will come out anyway.

2. Enjoy your single life

Enjoy the freedom and finally do what you denied yourself for his sake. He didn't like your pink sequined jumpers... It will be twice as much fun to walk around the neighborhood with them. Grab your friends and go cycling, surfing, barbecuing or just go to your favourite pub around the corner. Be what you couldn't be with him - yourself.

3. Girls' weekend away

Whether it's in another city or at home, what you need now are your friends. Here you can let loose, grumble, cry, laugh and be sure your crew is on your side. Also, your ladies will make you forget all about it, because each of them has at least one problem that needs to be discussed urgently.

4. The party

If your dearest girlfriends are around you, you should get dressed up and go to the clubs in town. The timing is perfect, because if you are still feeling insecure, they will give you a sense of security. But if you enjoy the singles nightlife the first time around, they can stay with you until the sun comes up again.

5. Ban on social media

The first thing you do after the breakup, delete his contacts. Whether it's WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram, you'll cut off all the links you have with your ex. The sooner he disappears from your social media world, the sooner he will leave your thoughts. One last thing, nothing is more embarrassing than leaving lard or hate messages for your ex during a sleepless, drunken night.

6. Travel fever

Grab a travel companion of your choice and go on a trip anywhere. The main thing is that you get new data and a comforting bandage on your wounded heart. Look for a nice bed

7. Get a haircut

It sounds trivial, but a new hairstyle can be like a new life. Every time you cut your hair, you feel a little freer. But if you don't want to lose too much hair, try a new hair colour. If you change on the outside, you also set your inner life in motion. But be careful, wait until the crying phase is over and your thoughts slowly become clearer. You will regret the hasty cut in the end. Let some time pass and forget about the grief of the trusted hairdresser.