Tips for getting over a break-up

Have you been dumped and feel like everything is falling apart around you? Don't panic: it's nothing dramatic, but be careful not to let yourself go. You have to pull yourself together to move forward: don't fall into the illusion that you'll get your ex back. It's time to face the fact that it's over and here's how to get back on track.

Getting over a break-up: the psychological approach

The first step to getting over your ex is to convince yourself that she wasn't the perfect woman. Remember all the bad times, all the tensions she caused, all her faults: she was far from being the perfect girl! If she is not clear about her desire to leave you: stop the massacre of your heart and feelings yourself, demand that she specifically states her wish to leave you. It is then time to rebuild yourself. Before flirting and seducing again, you must take the time to digest this break-up: go out with friends and rebuild your self-confidence.

Motivation: the golden rule for getting over a break-up

It's all about willpower when it comes to moving forward. Boost yourself, both professionally and physically. Don't let yourself get depressed: take up sport to stay in shape. If you ever run into your ex, you must show him or her that your break-up has not affected you: you must look good and not hesitate to show your dynamism. Your separation should benefit your professional career and push you to be ambitious.
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