Mutual respect is the basis of trust in a love relationship. How can we maintain this trust and respect in a sustainable way?

Trust: a mutual insurance between two people

To maintain trust in a couple, you need to know what it is. Trust is fundamental to the survival of a couple. The golden rule for trust is first and foremost to trust yourself. Similarly, trust must be shared: your partner must trust you. Here's how not to disappoint her.

5 tips for maintaining trust in your relationship

Being late for a date with your loved one is the enemy of your relationship: keep this in mind. Your relationship of trust starts with punctuality. You should also make an effort to remember the key dates of events relating to her and your relationship: you can't forget an anniversary, so if you're ever the forgetful type, set yourself reminders! Don't be secretive with your partner: a secret discovered is unforgivable. Never lie or hide anything from your partner: the truth always comes out, you know that. Also, in order not to damage the relationship of trust you have established, do not talk to him about your exes. As for your best friend, make things clear so that your girlfriend does not feel less loved or left out of your relationship. You must avoid at all costs developing a feeling of jealousy towards your best friend: show her that she is much more important to you and that there is no ambiguity between you two.